Succession Planning for Law firms

The law firm world has changed without many of us noticing it. Many of the Partners who now wish to retire, bought into their firms in the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s when it seemed good business to buy equity for departing Partners and, more often than not, also agree to pay an annuity to them […]

4 merger case studies from 2017

With the summer holidays coming up, we thought it would be useful to review 4 recent mergers to highlight the wide variety of deals that get done. With mergers, no one deal is like another and there is no right or wrong way of doing them! Case Study 1 Our client was a sole practitioner […]

Merging into new profit centres

Merging into new profit centres   There are 2 major motivations for firms considering merger for growth. Consolidating their current location, or merging into a new profit centre.   There is a lot to be said for consolidating, but property is always the key driver here. One or both firms will need to be able […]

Why merge with a “consolidator firm”?

What are the benefits of joining with a consolidator.   There is a new type of law firm slowly gathering traction in the legal market, and these are the consolidators. Primarily these have been in London but they are now spreading out into the regions.   So what is a consolidator and why are firms […]

What is my firm worth?

If there is one question we are often asked it is what is my law firm worth. The simple answer is nothing and that seems so unfair until you consider a few points. Investment. Most partners draw all the profit out and do not invest in the firm. Indeed there is not at lot to […]

Retirement strategies for law firms

Retirement strategies for law firm owners. There are 8000 firms in England & Wales of between 1-4 Partners and a large majority of these will have Partners who are in the last few years of their careers. For these Partners to retire there are only 6 possible solutions. These are that you already have tomorrow’s […]

Stakeholder Behaviour

M & A’s aren’t just about the mechanics of the deal. Focusing on people is key. Our Senior Partner, Jeff Gillingham, explores Stakeholder Behaviour in this PDF document. MP Magazine – July/Aug 2008